Call Girl Barbie!

NOTE: The picture below is not the original. Somehow, many of my images on this site were corrupted (one of the reasons a switched to the new site and format). The original was a Barbie in a very low cut evening gown. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look far to reproduce a suitable image. I simply clicked on a major retailer website and selected four images. You see that though the image is not quite the same, the message and the insinuations about sexuality remain. 

This is a picture from the cell phone of one of my wife’s friends.  Believe it or not this was a Barbie (or Barbie like doll, I don’t want to step on any name brands) that was being sold in the toy section of the store.  Notice the low cut top and the obviously, surgically enhanced…um…cleavage.


call girl barbie

If a picture says a thousand words, just how much is this doll saying to our children, especially our little girls?


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