A New Flag for the Corporate States of America!

So I figured I would take it upon myself to redesign the American flag to bring it up to date on our new corporatocratic status.  Indeed, I think we might be on to something.  Instead of stars, the Flag has a corporate logo.  What we can do is charge corporations to have their logos included on the American flag.  Since Americans hate taxes so much, this would be a useful compromise.

I also included foreign companies on the flag.  After all, the new campaign finance free for all created by the Supreme Court is not limited to American companies. Any corporation can incorporate a unit in the United States and use their corporate status to dump millions on American campaigns.  Imagine our elected officials representing Toyota!

Corporate States of America Flag



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  3. Can we use this “New Flag for the Corporate States of America” on Tom’s new Campaign website?

    Thanks for your prompt response.



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