A time saver for defending the Obama Administration from idiocy

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m spending way too much time defending President Obama and his Administration from just plain idiotic assertions. On online debates…some with family members…I’m rehashing arguments that, quite frankly, I shouldn’t have to make. What’s really getting to me on this is that it is keeping me from making very important criticisms against…yes…Obama and his Administration.  I see no problem with criticizing the Obama Administration.  I do it myself. But please, in the name of all that is just and right, please criticize Obama for stuff that’s real.

So I figured I would save myself some time and frustration just giving my basic arguments on these ridiculous assertions. The idea is that when I need to make these arguments I can just link this blog post in the comment section of the post I’m arguing against and then move on to more important (and rational) things. So below are the basic arguments that I have been struggling against.  Below that I offer some very real  issues for which we can criticize the Obama Administration.  So if you really want to criticize…if you just have to, you can use this post to actually access real issues to do so.

Obama is not trying to indoctrinate your children.  Obama did not make anyone sing songs about him and his speech to students was a good speech about working hard.  It had nothing to do with his politics. Don’t take my word for it.  Watch Obama’s speech and tell me where the indoctrination is. Part I and Part II

Obama is not going to take your guns away.  Name one piece of legislation or one comment he made toward that effect. You can’t. Hell, people are showing up to his events with assault rifles over their shoulders without losing them.

Obama is not a socialist, fascist, communist, Maoist, Nazi or any combination thereof.  Nor is he trying to turn the United States into a socialist state. He wouldn’t have spent so much money to save capitalism if he was a socialist.

There is no evidence that Obama hates white people.  You can’t say he hates white people and then say his best friend is Bill Ayers…a white guy.

Obama does not want to kill your grandmother.  Please!

Obama is an American citizen.  Get over it.

Obama is not a Moslem. You can’t call him a Moslem and then criticize his participation in a radical Christian ministry.

I’m sure I’ll be editing this as time goes by.  So keep looking.

Below, however, are some legitimate avenues for criticism.

The economy seems to be improving…for rich folks. Well, that’s just great. But what about the rest of us? You cannot claim a recession is over just because GDP goes up. (in fact, you can, because that’s the definition of a recession) However, real people are still suffering. We still need jobs. Where are the jobs?

Get us the hell out of Afghanistan. This should be a no brainer. Let the people of Afghanistan figure out how they want to run their own country.

President Obama has not reversed Bush Era domestic surveillance programs.  These programs are an affront to our democracy.

Yes, he’s shutting down Gitmo, but what about Bagram? No more torturing detainees, but what about rendition.

Let’s have some leadership on matters like health care.  Come on.  You’re the president! We should not have to beg you for some direction. Let’s face it, the bill coming out of congress is pretty close to lame on arrival.  A little presidential leadership may have helped strengthen what has become an anemic attempt at reform.

How about offering more than rhetoric on dropping the hammer on corporate corruption?


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