Droning on and on about why Pakistan doesn't like us!

Why are we so shocked when people whom we are bombing…don’t like us?

Secretary of State Clinton, this week, found it difficult to convince the people of Pakistan that sending our killer flying robots into their neighborhoods was being done for their own good.

Really, it’s for your own good

During Vietnam we destroyed villages to save them.  In the eighties we encouraged freedom in Central America by making sure that their death squads were the best trained in the world. In Iraq, after bombing them back to the stone age, instituting a murderous sanctions program and then…uh…bombing them back to the stone age again, we expected them to welcome us as liberators.  How disappointing!

Now we can’t understand the difficulties we are having winning the hearts and minds of states like Afghanistan and Pakistan. After all, we deposed a tyrannical government in Afghanistan and replaced it with one so backward and blatantly corrupt that people around the country are thinking that maybe tyranny isn’t such a bad thing. In Pakistan we embraced their butchering tyrant as an ally in the war on terror.  Now the same tyrants we drove out of Afghanistan are taking over Pakistan. In response,  we send in our Predator Drones to kill the terrorists…at least most of the time…or some of the time…well, according to some reports one time out of ten.

It’s baffling that the local population doesn’t rush to embrace our nation’s representatives like Secretary Clinton.  After all, who’s trying harder to blast them into a thriving democracy? The Obama Administration has already performed more Predator Drone strikes in the last nine months than the Bush Administration ordered in the last three years! Of course, the Bushies really weren’t too attentive of our allies (or our enemies) in that region once they entered Iraq.

Maybe we need some fresh ideas for dealing with the Afghan/Pakistan region.  I know. We should consult a Nobel Peace Prize laureate on the matter. He’ll know what to do…

…oh yeah

…never mind.

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