MS-13 and Representations of Immigrants as The Other

In this video, I explore how the Administration used MS-13 to develop representations of southern immigrants as dangerous "Others". Controlling representations of "Those People" can be analyzed using W.E.B. Dubois theory on the cultural elements of oppression, what I call The Discourse of the Other.

#MeToo, Male Privilege and the Introspective Man

...women all over the country, quite possibly outraged by the ascension of the Groper in Chief to the highest office in the country, are coming forward with their stories. Taking down Harvey Weinstein seems to be the catalyst for a national, cultural lesson in patriarchy and male privilege. 

Take a Knee, but Stay on Message

HOW THE DEBATE ON KNEELING IS DISTRACTING US FROM THE REAL ISSUE Let’s be clear, I’m on team take a knee. In fact, taking a knee is the very least that can be done. Unfortunately, the debate on whether or not one should take a knee, and under what conditions is sucking the oxygen away... Continue Reading →

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