DISCUSSING THE 2016 PRIMARIES AT THE KAMINSKI CODE PODCAST With Joseph Kaminski and Elliot Declet. And they were good enough to edit out my colossal sneeze about half way into the discussion! It was great fun sitting down with serious students of the political scene and sharing my wisdom and having a few laughs while... Continue Reading →

A Bad Moon Revisited

A CLASSIC WITH CONTEMPORARY RELEVANCE Back in 2010, just over six years ago, I wrote this post about the frightening turn I was seeing among conservatives as they approached the midterm elections with bloodied claws. I was appalled by the level of visceral animus articulated by the newly risen Tea Party conservatives. There was something... Continue Reading →

The Tea Party Omerta!

THE TEA PARTY IS THAT WHICH MUST NOT BE CALLED BY NAME I can't help but notice one more interesting facet of the Boehner resignation that, I don't believe, anyone else is really talking about. That is the unwillingness to mention the Tea Party, or the right wing of the conservative right, in its role... Continue Reading →

On John Boehner and Dr. Moreau

THE TEA PARTY BEASTS STILL HAVE TEETH Just over two years ago, the last time the Republican Party jumped on the "let's hold the government hostage to get what we want" scheme, I wrote a series of blogs elaborating what I called the Dr. Moreau Theory of Republican Politics. That is the corporate elite reinforced... Continue Reading →

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