Hyper-reality, Rape and American Policy

WE ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT FICTIONAL RAPES THAN REAL ONES I, like many people throughout the world, watch Game of Thrones. As a civilized human being, I have to admit that I'm often taken aback by the brutality depicted by the series, especially the sexualized violence directed toward women as a whole. As a student... Continue Reading →

A Pardon For Alan Turing

60 Years Late is Better Than Never(?) It's good to see that Queen Elizabeth II has announced a pardon for the great mathematician and cypher, Alan Turing. After all, his only crime was being gay. It may be a good sign that we've cut the shelf life for ignorance and bigotry down to a mere... Continue Reading →

The Sociology of Gay Marriage and Children

A Response to Justice Antonin Scalia   I was camping for a few days and unable to blog, but upon returning from vacation and getting caught up on current events the first thing to really catch my attention was Justice Scalia's claim that there was "considerable disagreement" among sociologists with regard to the harm done... Continue Reading →

Remembering Alan Turing

All of Him! Google was right to pay homage to Alan Turing on the hundredth anniversary of his birth with a "Doodle" of the famous Turing Machine. Indeed, without Turing, it is likely that Google would not exist, at least in its current manifestation. The life and work of Alan Turing made the icons of... Continue Reading →

Call Girl Barbie!

NOTE: The picture below is not the original. Somehow, many of my images on this site were corrupted (one of the reasons a switched to the new site and format). The original was a Barbie in a very low cut evening gown. Fortunately, I didn't have to look far to reproduce a suitable image. I... Continue Reading →

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