A Happy? Winter Solstice

LESSONS ON FACING THE DARKNESS TOGETHER There's something special about this time of the year, the coming of the Winter Solstice. Almost all Northern Hemisphere cultures in the world recognize the symbolic import of the longest night of the year, few, however as dramatically as the traditional European cultures who saw this time as a... Continue Reading →

The Rejection of Science in the Age of Science

Americans are rejecting science, and putting themselves…and everyone else…in peril  Every semester I lead my Introduction to Sociology students through the following scenario: Uncle Phil is sitting at home watching television, a wonder of technological advancement, and eating a microwave meal. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain in his chest that travels down his left... Continue Reading →

The Last Hours of Humanity?

Could we be Looking at the End of Civilization? We always thought the end of the world would come from fire, of flood, or interstellar rocks. It could be that the end of the world comes from profit motive. Click Here to go to the Last Hours website.

Where is Fukushima?

Fukushima is here! If you think you are far enough away that you don't have to worry about the radiation from Fukushima, you may have another think coming. Fukushima is Here.

Connect the Dots

Join 350.org and connect the dots yourself. Global warming is real. It's happening. And it's our fault. And it's our responsibility to do something about it.

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