On Proving the Null Hypothesis in the Gun Debate

OR THE DIFFICULTIES OF ACADEMIC HONESTY The last couple of semesters I've had the unfortunate opportunity to talk about American gun culture and its associated gun violence in real time. It's actually a great topic through which to understand the sociological imagination and to offer relevant lessons on how sociologists do our work. I try to... Continue Reading →

A Game of Life and Death

With clear winners and losers…played every day! If you answered, "the twelve year old boy, of course!" then you are pre-qualified for a position on the Cleveland Police Department.

Framing and Unframing Prejudice

In fact, look here and there and everywhere. But whatever you do, don't look at the larger, more entrenched, more complicated issues. Keep buying our papers, but don't take what is revealed too seriously. Let us, the fourth estate, do the thinking for you. Here's a nice, feel good, picture.

Trayvon’s Right to Stand his Ground

there's a key question that I really wish someone would ask with regard to the Trayvon Martin trial.did Trayvon Martin have a right to stand his ground?this isn't just a key question fis probablyr the case, but also a clear weakness in the concept of a Stand Your Ground laws. few conflicts are so simple... Continue Reading →

A Note on Serving on Jury

And how the revolving door to the criminal justice system is greased  Yesterday, I had the privilege of performing my civic duty by serving on a jury. I'd always wanted to serve on a jury, but, despite being called almost every year, I never actually got on one—until yesterday, that is. It's a good thing.... Continue Reading →

They’re All Our Children

When tragedy strikes our own children, we collectively mourn. The world would be a better place if we did the same for the children of others.   Figure 1: Pakistani Children Keeping Vigil for the Sandy Hook Victims Click image for the source  In my novel, The Revelation of Herman Smiley the title character is... Continue Reading →

The NRA Just Doesn’t Get It!

There's no reason to let this group steer the debate and silence alternative voices  According to the New York Times, the NRA has a plan for preventing gun violence. "The N.R.A.'s main answer to school violence was a model program it unveiled called National School Shield, which would train and arm security guards at schools... Continue Reading →

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