On Proving the Null Hypothesis in the Gun Debate

OR THE DIFFICULTIES OF ACADEMIC HONESTY The last couple of semesters I've had the unfortunate opportunity to talk about American gun culture and its associated gun violence in real time. It's actually a great topic through which to understand the sociological imagination and to offer relevant lessons on how sociologists do our work. I try to... Continue Reading →

Ezra Klein Interviews Bernie Sanders

ASKING SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ON POLICY It is the long standing tradition of the Journal of a Mad Sociologist and the associated blog to not endorse political candidates or parties, and 2016 will be no exception. That being said, Bernie Sanders' campaign has invigorated a progressive agenda that has been woefully anemic for the last couple... Continue Reading →

A Shout Out to Marvin Gaye

PLAYING FOR CHANGE FEATURING WHAT'S GOING ON It's been a while since I posted something by playing for change. For those new to the Journal of a Mad Sociologist, I love the idea of people all over the world, representing diverse cultures, singing a song.  

Trumping Politics

ON STRAIGHT TALK AND REALITY Sometimes I think I am the only one in the world who is not shocked, just shocked, by the meteoric rise of Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Well, maybe me and Paul Krugman. After all, Donald Trump may be a joke to the rest of the world, but he... Continue Reading →

Act Out! from Occupy.com

A BOLD TAKE ON CURRENT ISSUES i stumbled upon this little gem while doing some on-line research and figured I would share with viewers. I was sold on the opening commentary done in verse!

Jeb Bush and the Corporate Elite Mindset

WHAT DOES BUSH'S RHETORIC REVEAL ABOUT HIS WORLDVIEW? Just a quick note on Jeb Bush's flub about Americans needing to work longer hours. Of course,  the very premise is ridiculous,  as Mother Jones points out. For the sake of analysis,  however let's take him at his word that he was referring to part time workers... Continue Reading →

The Annual Independence Day Lie

SELLING MILITARISM ON AMERICA'S DEFINING HOLIDAY For me,  Independence Day is the most disappointing holiday. It has become a celebration of militarism rather than a day to memorialize the founding of our nation and to reflect upon the principles on which our nation was founded.  Come July 4th we will be inundated with an endless... Continue Reading →

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