On the End of a War

Toward the End of War  On February 15-16, 2003, an almost miraculous event took place. Millions of people in over 60 cities across the globe took to the streets and, in a unified voice, protested a war that had not yet begun. While the Bush administration was beating the drums of pre-emptive war, as many... Continue Reading →

The GOP’s War on Christmas

Why has the godless GOP declared war on Christmas? Obviously, if they were real Americans, they would be having a "Christmas" party and not some politically correct "Holiday" party. If you think I'm making this up, contact the e-mail and ask them yourself.

I Want to Know Why the Corporate Conservatives Hate America!

And insist on their brutal and destructive "austerity" policies  Somehow, conservatives have sold the idea that national health care, unemployment insurance, retirement, and economic assistance is government over-reach and an encroachment on our freedoms. Entitlement programs are a breath away from the scourge of tyranny (despite the fact that nation providing much more lucrative entitlements... Continue Reading →

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