Attention Police Officers…

You are the 99%... …and according to a Justice Department Report, twelve thousand of you will be out of a job next year. I know you are acting out of fear, or coerced conformity when you attack your brothers and sisters with tear-gas and rubber bullets, but the state you serve (often valiantly) has made... Continue Reading →

This is What Democracy Looks Like!

Images from Occupy Fort Myers Rally, October 15, 20011 Yesterday was a great day for me and for participant democracy all over the world. The Occupy movement spread worldwide as common people everywhere shouted in the face of power, informing the top tier, the top 1% (and the minions thereof) that we know that we... Continue Reading →

A Matter of Taxes

A little story about tax inequity  A key battle of the class war is being fought in the tax code. While millions of Americans are without work and millions more are unable to make economic progress or to find financial stability with the low pay jobs that they have managed to find, a small knot... Continue Reading →

Occupy Fort Myers

For those of you readers who are in the Southwest Florida area, join me and many others at the first Occupy Fort Myers event. To my knowledge, this is not a protest, but rather a planning event. We will be meeting at Centennial Park, downtown Fort Myers at the picnic benches. Please understand, this is... Continue Reading →

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