Call Girl Barbie!

NOTE: The picture below is not the original. Somehow, many of my images on this site were corrupted (one of the reasons a switched to the new site and format). The original was a Barbie in a very low cut evening gown. Fortunately, I didn't have to look far to reproduce a suitable image. I... Continue Reading →

What does it take to eradicate an idea?

Ideas, once created, do not die easily. About twenty-five hundred years ago the ancient Greeks proved that the Earth was a sphere. Eratosthenes even calculated the circumference of this sphere. Since then the Earth has been circumnavigated countless times and been photographed from orbit and from the moon. It is clear beyond any doubt that... Continue Reading →

Whom does Beck want to eradicate?

A few days ago I posted a blog concerned about the direction of contemporary conservatism. I stand by everything I said in that blog (which will soon be updated as an Agitate article). Some were upset with my assessment of conservatism as leading us into bad times reminiscent of the McCarthy era and the Palmer... Continue Reading →

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