Facebook’s Stupid Orwellbots!

ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL CENSORSHIP This last week I had the dubious distinction of having a post blocked from Facebook. I was involved in a discussion with a conservative friend of mine about an appropriate response to ISIS. Here is what I wrote¹: They [ISIS] are not gaining power. They have lay lost more territory than... Continue Reading →

Hate Begets Hate:

ON THE PARIS ATTACKS AND THE BIGOT RESPONSE I must admit that my first thought upon hearing news of the atrocities committed in Paris,  after,  of course my sorrow over any loss of life,  was,  'my God, the bigots have more ammunition.' Of course,  that's the point.  ISIS kills a bunch of people,  the bigots... Continue Reading →

On ISIS and Anomie

WHY IS EXTREMISM SO ATTRACTIVE TO SOME?  I recently viewed some videos published by the New York Times addressing the motivations of young people, living otherwise normal lives by western standards, who nevertheless opt to join ISIL in their jihad against infidels and their mission to establish a new caliphate. The videos were very revealing, perhaps... Continue Reading →

A Contest of Madness

STATE VS. NON-STATE SYSTEMATIC VIOLENCE Appalling! Barbaric! Crimes against humanity! These are just some of the terms that we use to describe the sick bloodletting committed by the terrorist group, ISIS. And, really, there can be no argument. The actions of ISIS in the Middle East is nothing short of sickening.  As a small, formerly obscure group,... Continue Reading →

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