Is Trump a Magnet for Violence?

THE SIMPLE SOCIOLOGY BEHIND TRUMP RALLY VIOLENCE In sociology we have a useful tool called the Thomas Theorem. It's really a quote from the sociologist W. I. Thomas, "If men[people] define situations as real, they are real in their consequences," that has become a sociological staple. This simple sentence really is a valuable tool for understanding... Continue Reading →

Rise of the Bernie Beasts!

THE UNHOLY SPAWN OF DEMOCRATIC FEAR MONGERING On November 7, 2000 I stepped into a Florida voting booth and pulled the lever for...dun dun duuuuun... Ralph Nader! (Insert blood curdling scream here!) That's right. I said it. George W. Bush was all my fault! At least that's the claim of Democratic operatives. Yes, it's likely that Nader... Continue Reading →

Trump, Abortion and the Puritan Ethic

"ANTI-ABORTION" IS ABOUT CONTROLLING FEMALE SEXUALITY It is my thesis that the rampant Trumpaphobia among the right-wing establishment has little to do with the Donald's actual policy positions. For the most part, his policy positions align with those of the conservative movement in general. In other words, Trump is a stalwart defender of the corporatocracy.... Continue Reading →

Dalton Trumbo on the Big Screen

ONE OF THE GREAT BIG SCREEN WRITERS IS NOW ON THE BIG SCREEN IN HIS OWN RIGHT Dalton Trumbo wrote, what I believe to be, the greatest anti-war novel of all time, Johnny Got His Gun. When I was teaching high school literature, this was on my required reading list for both stylistic and intellectual reasons.... Continue Reading →

The “Political Correctness” Smokescreen

THOSE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ARE MOSTLY JUST BIGOTED A##HOLES! That's right. I said it. I used a swearword in my! Take that PC Police! Okay. So I'm being a bit tongue in cheek here--but only a bit. In the last few months political observers have commented on the amazing rise of the Washington... Continue Reading →

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