Dalton Trumbo on the Big Screen

ONE OF THE GREAT BIG SCREEN WRITERS IS NOW ON THE BIG SCREEN IN HIS OWN RIGHT Dalton Trumbo wrote, what I believe to be, the greatest anti-war novel of all time,┬áJohnny Got His Gun. When I was teaching high school literature, this was on my required reading list for both stylistic and intellectual reasons.... Continue Reading →

The “Political Correctness” Smokescreen

THOSE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT┬áPOLITICAL CORRECTNESS ARE MOSTLY JUST BIGOTED A##HOLES! That's right. I said it. I used a swearword in my blog...um...almost! Take that PC Police! Okay. So I'm being a bit tongue in cheek here--but only a bit. In the last few months political observers have commented on the amazing rise of the Washington... Continue Reading →

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