Wouldn’t You Rather be Fighting Hillary

The learning curve resulting from the 2000 election, however, was pretty steep. I learned that, for the left, presidential politics isn't about ideological purity. It can't be. We will always lose on that front. Presidential politics is chess in which your every move is premised on your endgame.

Like it or not, the GOP is the Party of Trump/Cruz

THE 2016 PRIMARY IS BRINGING THE INTERNAL TENSIONS OF BOTH PARTIES INTO THE PUBLIC ARENA ...and this is a good thing! The 2016 Primary Season is the most transformative and definitive primary in almost half a century. This is true for both parties as they struggle with their own, unique existential crises inherent in their … Continue reading Like it or not, the GOP is the Party of Trump/Cruz

Bed Time for Bernie

I BELIEVE IN BERNIE'S MESSAGE, BUT I ALSO BELIEVE IN MATH It has long been this sites and this author's policy to not endorse political candidates. I have this policy for a couple of reasons. Most notably, though I make no effort to be "unbiased" I do try to maintain a sense of objectivity. Endorsing … Continue reading Bed Time for Bernie

The Iowa Creature Feature

IS THERE AN ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE AROUND TO SAVE US? So, the long awaited Iowa Raucus is over and Ted Cruz received one whole delegate more than the reigning righty, Donald Trump. Yay! Cruz won. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. The Donald is not unstoppable! The Donald has a weakness. Perhaps his … Continue reading The Iowa Creature Feature