The Obama Economy by the Numbers

Why do Republicans Hate the Stimulus? Because it Worked!  In fact, we could use another one. Here's a screen shot of employment from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I added the stimulus and outlier graphics. Out of fairness, the huge increase in employment in 2010 reflects the huge number of people hired to conduct the... Continue Reading →

Who Are the 47%

A Visual Snapshot of the People the Romney Campaign has Written Off  I was planning a commentary on Mitt Romney's infamous 47% assertions. As I started my research, however, I discovered that much of what I would have added to the conversation has already been adequately covered. Since it's my goal that this blog serve... Continue Reading →

The “Do Nothing” Elite

Don't believe the balderdash about how hard the super-rich work!   Mitt Romney, by his own admission, had nothing to do with his company, Bain Capital, from 1999-2002. During that time he was organizing the Olympics in Salt Lake City. However, according to a report in the Boston Globe, Mitt Romney remained the sole shareholder,... Continue Reading →

The Private Sector is Doing Fine?

Depends on what you mean by "Private Sector"  President Obama took a lot of flack for suggesting that the "private sector is doing fine." The right wing jumped on him for this gaffe. How could he be so out of touch with reality? Obviously, the private sector is not doing fine. Well, it's not quite... Continue Reading →

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