Bed Time for Bernie

I BELIEVE IN BERNIE'S MESSAGE, BUT I ALSO BELIEVE IN MATH It has long been this sites and this author's policy to not endorse political candidates. I have this policy for a couple of reasons. Most notably, though I make no effort to be "unbiased" I do try to maintain a sense of objectivity. Endorsing... Continue Reading →

Damned Lies and Racist Statistics

THE BEST DEFENSE AGAINST RACIST LIES IS A STATISTICS COURSE So I wasn't planning on posting today. I was perfectly happy with the traffic my most recent post received. I was planning on vegetating after a long week at work, watch a movie with my wife, eat some pizza. I came home, clicked on Facebook... Continue Reading →

Democracy Discriminates Against the Young


A really excellent post. You bring up some great points. One thing does, however, stand out. Other democracies do, in fact, have publicly funded higher education (I don’t like to use the term “free”). If your critique of democracy as it applies to young people were generalizable, then what accounts for this? It seems that there is something peculiar about American democracy. Perhaps it is what I call the “I Got Mine!” principle. A true democracy, to function well, requires a sense of mutual responsibility. American democracy, unfortunately, is often predicated on the question, “what’s in it for me?” Even as this posts points out, it doesn’t seem to be a enough to point out the huge benefits of providing access to higher education without charging the students. Of course, the old people referred to are to blame as it is their job to socialize younger people to recognize their responsibility and mutuality toward others.

Benjamin Studebaker

Young people overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders in this election, but many of them are not showing up. He crushed the demographic in Massachusetts, but still lost the state narrowly:

Young voters are just not keeping up with older folks:

This has been true for a long time–Millennials did not invent low youth voter turnout:

Many people see figures like this and their knee-jerk response is to scold young people for failing to show up, often attributing it to the laziness or lack of civic virtue of the current crop of young people. But as we see above, young people have been less active in politics since long before Millennials came on the scene. There are larger reasons why young people tend to feel disenfranchised by democratic politics–it’s because the system discriminates against them.

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The Dr. Moreau Theory of Republican Politics

A SCARY THEORY THAT LOOKS LIKE ITS COMING TO FRUITION A couple of years ago I noticed a disturbing analogy between Republican politics and H. G. Wells' brilliant novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau. In the novel, Wells' titular character creates an isolated world in which human/beast, hybrid monsters serve him and his human followers. It should... Continue Reading →

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