On Losing My Religion

THE SUPREME COURT AND WHY PUBLIC SERVANTS SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING GOD Note: I started writing this piece before the Supreme Court Ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, then completed after the ruling.  I lost my religion in 1984, it must have been in the fall. It's not that I was particularly religious before then,  but... Continue Reading →

The Two Way Street of Identity

Rachel Dolezal, Caitlyn Jenner and the Process of Identity The Rachel Dolezal case is interesting in its consequences with regard to identity. One of the presumed defining features of our times is the seemingly flexible concept of personal identity. There was a time when identity was a fairly stable construct, but in what is referred... Continue Reading →

Hyper-reality, Rape and American Policy

WE ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT FICTIONAL RAPES THAN REAL ONES I, like many people throughout the world, watch Game of Thrones. As a civilized human being, I have to admit that I'm often taken aback by the brutality depicted by the series, especially the sexualized violence directed toward women as a whole. As a student... Continue Reading →

Hip Hop with Native American Influences

FRANK WALN Hip Hop isn't really my thing, I'm a blues fan, but I understand Hip Hop's mission. Music should be a means of liberating, especially by providing a voice and outlet for the dispossessed. I read about this young man, Frank Waln in In These Times Magazine and believe he represents what Hip Hop... Continue Reading →

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