A New Blog Site!

Hello Everyone. As you could probably tell, I've had some issues with this website. They were issues of my own creation, but they are now repaired. I have, however, moved this site to a new URL linked below. I hope you enjoy it as much as you've enjoyed this site. I'm excited for the new... Continue Reading →

Conformity and Police Brutality

THE MUNDANE EXPLANATION FOR ABUSIVE POLICE PRACTICES I want to offer a brief response to Redditt Hudson's article posted in Vox today. Hudson, a former St. Louis police officer explains a theory shared with him by a former colleague. "On any given day, in any police department in the nation, 15 percent of officers will... Continue Reading →

The Absurdity of Standardized Testing

JOHN OLIVER DESTROYS THE CASE FOR STANDARDIZED TESTING There is so much absurdity surrounding standardized testing that it is...well...absurd! What's more, it simply doesn't work. Go, John...Bring on the Monkey!  

The Mad Sociologist on Social Media

CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION EVERY DAY For those who are interested, and I know you all are, the Mad Sociologist posts commentary just about every day on Facebook and Twitter. See the footer to participate in sociological social media. Sometimes it's hard to organize, write, edit and post blogs every day, but Facebook and Twitter resolves... Continue Reading →

Racism is More Complicated Than That!

BREAKING THE MYTH OF THE RACIST "BAD APPLES" If the Black Lives Matter movement does nothing else, at the very least it, and associated movements, forces us to discuss race. In many regards, race and racism has been a silenced issue for about a generation. We have the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights... Continue Reading →

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