The Costs of Testing

How our endless regimen of testing constitutes a robbery of our kids' educations  I wrote this article for my local newspaper, the Fort Myers News Press. So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This is true with regard to my administrators, principal and assistant principals as well as my peer teachers. My students were... Continue Reading →

The Hypocracy of Right Wing Dreams

Or, Gambling on Violence in Nevada Fortunately, it appears that the so called right-wing militia uprising in Nevada has been peacefully resolved. I am appalled that, at least in appearance, the militia has been successful in getting the federal government to back down. From the point of view of the feds, backing down in the... Continue Reading →

McCutcheon: Another Nail in the Coffin

The Corporatocracy Strikes Again  The recent Supreme Court decision in the McCutcheon case really should come as no surprise at this point. It is clear that the branch of government that is least accountable to the public should take the lead in securing the so called rights of the corporate elite. This is one more... Continue Reading →

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