Don’t Feed the Animals

Beasts are still beasts, despite the cages   So a cadre of Democrats and some not totally insane moderate Republicans beat Dr. Moreau's Tea Party animals back into their rickety cages. Yes, I'm imagining Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell in pith helmets with tranquilizer darts and electric prods. I wish that meant I could lay... Continue Reading →

Dr. Moreau is Back

Do you smell the fires burning? Just when I thought we might just get through this government shutdown/debt ceiling crisis more or less intact, it turns out Dr. Moreau's beasts are closer to breaking their chains. I thought that our one hope, anemic as that may ... ...This post has been moved to the New... Continue Reading →

Where is Fukushima?

Fukushima is here! If you think you are far enough away that you don't have to worry about the radiation from Fukushima, you may have another think coming. Fukushima is Here.

Looks Like I Could Be Wrong…Thank God!

On Keeping My Fingers Crossed   So, it looks like the beasts are not entirely out of their cages after all… …or they are not quite as bestial as we thought. Either way, for the time being, we have forestalled a government default. Well…we've forestalled the default for another six weeks. ...This post has been... Continue Reading →

A Test of the Dr. Moreau Theory of Tea Party Politics

Let's Call This One   Yesterday I offered an admittedly tongue in cheek theory about Tea Party Politics. I called it the Doctor Moreau Theory. Hopefully this resulted in some of my younger subscribers googling "Doctro Moreau". Regardless, the premise is simple. Corporate interests (without completely ignoring Democrats, for sure) backed ideologically dogmatic Tea Partiers... Continue Reading →

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