Never Forget

It's not just soldiers who die for our freedom ¬†Below you will find a small sample of those who gave their lives for freedom and justice despite not being in uniform. Democracy is something that we must all work and fight for, not just our soldiers. Indeed, I would argue that democracy cannot survive if... Continue Reading →

What to Remember on Memorial Day

It's not just about soldiers. It's about principles that they should represent  These soldiers may have prayed at different altars, but their differences weren't as great as their common bond. The greatness of America lies in the ideal of inclusion; that all men and women share a common and unifying drive for freedom and justice.

Students are Continuing to Speek Out

In fact, they're getting mad! By now, just about everyone who cares has seen the video of the young man castigating his history teacher for what I call "packet self teaching." I think the video largely speaks for itself and reflects ideas that I have written on this blog many times and have spoken on... Continue Reading →

Students are Speeking Out!

And it's about time. Students are not stupid. They know they are being had. They know they are dedicating their time to meaningless balderdash, and they are starting to resent it. And they should. The truth is, that students have the power to change this insane policy if they work together to do so. Communicating... Continue Reading →

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