An Addendum to my SCOTUS/ACA Prediction

Preparing for the Worst  If I were President Obama, or the head his re-election campaign, I might, in a purely strategic and cynical way, hope that the Supreme Court does, indeed, strike down the Affordable Care Act.¹ I say this on the premise that an old adage is true, that people do not appreciate what... Continue Reading →

A Prediction on the ACA Supreme Court Case

Hope for the Best…Expect the Worst  We know the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. We don't need the Supreme Court to tell us this. One could use the Elastic Clause and explain that the individual mandate is necessary and proper in today's health care market, a market the likes of which was inconceivable to the... Continue Reading →

What is the Value of Work?

How the so called work ethic is used against workers  I consider myself very fortunate. I love my job. As frustrating as the bureaucratic and political aspects of teach are I find what I do meaningful and fulfilling. I truly believe that there is no nobler profession than passing on knowledge to the next generation.... Continue Reading →

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