Surveillance and Elite Power

The Rise of a New Power Elite: The Intelligence Industrial Complex  Note: This is actually an old blog that became a corrupted file. By the time I fixed the file the moment for posting was lost. In light of recent events, such as the National Defense Authorization Act and Obama's intrusive revisions of the Domestic... Continue Reading →

The Best Government Money Can Buy

The Elections are Open for Business, but candidates don't come cheap  On one hand, Obama has a point in embracing the very Super PACs that he decried in his 2010 State of the Union Address (Remember how offended Samuel Alito was with Obama's comments on Citizens United. The jury's still out whether Alito refuses to... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About the Insurance…

…It's about the dread fear that there's a woman out there somewhere who is making her own decisions about her own reproduction!  So, the Obama Administration decides that though churches will not be required to provide for birth control in the insurance that they provide, church affiliated organizations like hospitals will. After all, such organizations... Continue Reading →

It’s only a commercial for God’s sake!

Or is it?  When I first saw the Clint Eastwood/Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl I did not think, 'Wow. What a refreshing liberal message for a commercial.' Instead, I thought, 'Cool! It's Clint Eastwood!' Yes, there was some of the usual sociological imagi-ruminations that are the hazard of my discipline (social constructions of masculinity... Continue Reading →

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