Alternate Title: Ruins of the American Empire  There's a very interesting blog on the website, Sweet Juniper called Feral Houses. It is, in essence, a visual sociology on social decay. The images are those of houses and buildings "reverting to the wild." As is true with feral animals, these are erstwhile domestic dwellings once cared... Continue Reading →

My Student’s Test Scores Went Up!

And my reasonable reaction to this news   Some years ago I sat in on a lecture by the great education reform advocate, Alfie Kohn.¹ During the lecture, Mr. Kohn stated that there are two reasonable responses to the news that test scores have increased in one's district. The first² he referred to as the... Continue Reading →

Why the Power Elite Love Unemployment

So we can expect Congress and the White House to do nothing about it!  Where are the jobs? The citizens want to know, where are the jobs? If you listen to the puniditocracy on either side of the great and expanding political divide you hear the same resounding question. Where are the jobs? The conservative... Continue Reading →

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