Red States are Bad for You!

So I decided to take this map of US counties experiencing DECREASING life expectancies And overlay it with this map of Red and Blue states from 2010 I got this… I then did the same thing with this map of red and blue counties as of 2008. I couldn't find one for 2010. I got... Continue Reading →

Spoiler Alert!

Dennis Kucinich is putting himself in the news a lot!   Dennis Kucinich has been making headlines lately criticizing the Obama Administration, especially with regard to Lybia. Kucinich is losing his seat this year to redistricting, so his political career is up in the air. Might this be a sign that he is planning a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Bet Against Crazy

Reuters reports, today, that bondholders and creditors are not worried about the United States defaulting on its credit obligations. It's not that such a default is really no big deal, and creditors are perfectly willing to wait a few days before payments are made on the interest to US debt. No. The source of their... Continue Reading →

What Has Created the Deficit?

I'll Give You a Hint. It Wasn't TARP!  Below is an interesting graph that comes from the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Based on information from the Congressional Budget office it is a very telling chart. Again, I'm not sure why every Democrat does not have this chart printed on T-Shirts. It turns... Continue Reading →

Joy in Death

A Study in the Sociology of Emotion   Above is the headline for an extra put out by the Fort Myers News-Press last week. It leads with the statement "Relief, Joy" then shows pictures of exuberant celebrants acting as if their favorite sports team just won the championship. Below is a juxtaposition of those celebrating... Continue Reading →

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