Help End Geloiocracy

Readers of this blog are familiar with the term "corporatocracy." Some time ago I suggested that the United States government is moving from a democratic republic, or a democracy to a corporatocracy, or rather a government controlled by a corporate elite. This would be distinguished from an aristocracy as aristocratic control is one that serves... Continue Reading →

Class Matters

If you want a quick primer on how contemporary social discourse is tilted in matters of class and inequality just look at the recent Tax Cuts debate. The debate can be described graphically below highlights the issue perfectly. At stake was extending ruinous tax cuts that disproportionately benefited the wealthy at the expense of the... Continue Reading →

Socialists/Liberals are not Nazis

Stop getting your history from Glenn Beck and do your own research   There's just something about the Beckian Conservative mindset. They seem to be incapable of political discourse without calling someone a Nazi. This is especially true if that someone is a Liberal/Socialist (because according to the Beckian schema all liberals are socialists). The... Continue Reading →

Some Bad Theories on Tax Cuts

Let's be honest and admit we just don't want to pay for anything!  Theory is pretty much the bread and butter of sociology. Sociologists live, eat and breathe theory. Because of the nature of our interests, strong theories are necessary for keeping our ideas grounded (eh…at least that's the goal). So when a bad theory... Continue Reading →

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