Free Market Policies = Corruption

More evidence that a Free Market is inherently corruptive.  If you're like me, then you see the term "corporate corruption" as an unnecessary redundancy. The widespread nature of this noxious corporate culture became glaringly obvious in 2001 when companies like ENRON and Worldcom, etc, were exposed as institutionalized scams. Trading in image rather than substance... Continue Reading →

What do you and Naomi Campbell have in common?

Unless you happen to have a supermodel body, or happen to have been forced to testify before The Hague, this is a difficult question to answer. Last week former supermodel Naomi Campbell was finally compelled to give testimony in the war crimes trial against blood-stained, deposed dictator of Liberia, Charles Taylor. According to witnesses, Campbell... Continue Reading →


Yes! The Journal of a Mad Sociologist is now a Facebook Group!  Join the MAD conversation about society at the Journal of a Mad Sociologist Facebook Group! The group will feature thoughts and quick commentaries on today's issues and an opportunity for members to add their own analyses to the dialogue. Featured blogs and updates... Continue Reading →

The New Normal?

Obama and the Perpetuation of the Bush Doctrine              "We consider, we have stated publicly, that the attack on America [9/11] is an attack on our values and on civilization itself. We find such an attack unconscionable. We are determined to win the worldwide war against terrorism—against terrorism and all... Continue Reading →

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