Air Polution and IQ

For a few years now I've suggested changing track when it comes to the hydrocarbon debates.  It's not that I've changed my mind about Global Warming. Global Warming is very much a reality and may be happening even faster than experts have predicted. When it comes to the discourse, however, the lines are pretty well... Continue Reading →

On Baseball and Teaching

                I love baseball.  I really do. I grew up with the game as a kid, whether I was playing in my neighborhood street with a waffle bat and ball of tape, or a sandlot, or playing for the world’s worst little league team (we were 0-9. We would have been 0-10 but for one... Continue Reading →

Secrecy is about power, not protection

Have you ever been a part of a group in which secrets were being shared? Where were you in relation to those secrets? Were you the person sharing the secrets? The person learning the secrets? Or were you out of  the secrets loop? Perhaps you were the subject of the secrets.  Regardless, where you are... Continue Reading →

How Late Term Abortion Saved My Life

This is a very important and divisive issue.  It is crucial that we hear stories of all involved.  Unfortunately it seems that those who have abortions remain silent about their experiences and motivations.  This is a very deliberate process of stigmatizing and shaming women into not sharing their experiences and thereby limiting the discourse. Read... Continue Reading →

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